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Exploring Castle Rock CO

Like much of Colorado, Castle Rock has historical roots tied to the mining and railroad industries. The town boasts a quaint historical downtown and consistently ranks among the state's safest places to live. It is easily accessible along interstate 25 and an incredible mix of town and country. Whether you want to spend the day hiking any of the 87 miles worth of trails you can find around town, or spend the day shopping at the largest outlet mall in Colorado, anyone can find something they enjoy while exploring Castle Rock CO.

Exploring Castle Rock CO
A Brief History of Castle Rock CO

A Brief History of Castle Rock CO

First settled in the 1870s, the area that is now Castle Rock CO is surrounded by rocky buttes along the base of the Rocky Mountains. One of the original homesteaders, Jeremiah Gould, owned 160 acres to the south of the iconic rock formation. In 1874, Gould donated 120 of his 160 acres to build a town on, and he wanted it to be named "Castle Rock”.

Just a year later, a new train depot brought the Denver & Rio Grande Railway, and along with it a sense of hope for greater prosperity in the area. In 1970, that same depot was carefully restored by the Castle Rock Historical Society, and is currently used as a local history museum.

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