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professional sewage cleanup services

Any time you have sewage damage, it's an emergency. Sewage may contain viruses, bacteria, and other microbes that pose significant health risks. The sewage cleanup team at Masters Of Disaster are IICRC certified and have the equipment to quickly and safely cleanup sewage damage. Give us a call as soon as you notice sewage damage on your property and we will respond immediately. We provide 24/7 sewage cleanup, sewage damage restoration, and sewage damage repairs.

sewage damage cleanup services

common causes of sewage damage

Sewage damage can be caused by a long list of issues, and often times the damage can seemingly happen without warning. The best way to prevent sewage damage is to understand the most common causes for it, and take the proper precautions. These causes include:


Damaged Pipes

Toilet Overflow

Tree Roots

Grease Down Drain

sewage damage cleanup process

does homeowners insurance cover sewage damage?

Sewage damage can mean a lot of different things, and because of that there is no cut and dry answer for if homeowner's insurance covers it. Generally, if the sewage damage was caused by plumbing issues, it will be covered, and in the case of sewage backup some insurance companies may offer an add on to the policy. The best way to see if you are covered is to give your provider a call and ask them to walk you through your coverage.

sewage damage company

sewage cleanup tips

Avoid eating or drinking when in or around the sewage contaminated area.

Wash your hands after any encounter with sewage or after touching anything that has come intocontact with sewage.

Take action immediately by calling your local sewage damage cleanup professionals.

Wear protecting clothing. Face masks, long sleeves, close toed shoes, and gloves if you are going to be coming into contact with any sewage.

Keep any children or pets away from the affected area.

Isolate the affected area to prevent any further contamination. This includes removing all of your moveable belongings, which should be set aside for later disinfection.

Do not use bleach any natural surfaces like grass, dirt, or gravel. Instead, call your local sewage cleaning professionals.

Why Choose Masters Of Disaster

24 Hour Emergency Response

Masters Of Disaster offers emergency response services 24 hours a day. Give us a call no matter the time of day or night and we will respond immediately to your sewage related disaster, quickly restoring your property.

Advanced Equipment

Sewage damage can be significant, and the cleanup and restoration process can require specialized equipment. Masters Of Disaster have the equipment and experience to handle the job, no matter the extent of the damages.

IICRC Certified Technicians

Sewage damage cleanup should be left to the pros. Not only is there an immediate threat of contamination and exposure to harmful bacteria, the removal and disposal of the sewage requires specific protocols that our technicians will follow.

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